Convert HTML to text

Convert HTML content to plain-text format. Filter elements by selector and trim whitespace.

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TakeyMakey code
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  options: { mode: "iframe" },
  take: [
    { type: "code", label: "HTML" },
      type: "code",
      label: "Filter",
        "Elements matching this CSS selector will be removed from the result.",
    { type: "toggle", label: "Trim whitespace" },
  make: ([html, filter, trim]) => {
    const parser = new DOMParser()
    const result = parser.parseFromString(html, "text/html").documentElement

    if (filter) {
      Array.from(result.querySelectorAll(filter)).forEach((el) => el.remove())

    if (trim) {
      return result.textContent
        .replace(/^ +/gm, "")
        .replace(/\n{3,}/g, "\n\n")
    } else {
      return result.textContent