Smart quotes

Convert all straight quotation marks in your text to curly ones for better typography.

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TakeyMakey code
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  make: (data) =>
      .replace(/'($|\s|(?=\d{2}s))/gm, "’$1")
      .replace(/(^|\s)'/gm, "$1‘")
      .replace(/"($|\s)/gm, "”$1")
      .replace(/(^|\s)"/gm, "$1“")
      .replace(/'([\s"”])/gm, "’$1")
      .replace(/([\s"“])'/gm, "$1‘")
      .replace(/"([\s'’])/gm, "”$1")
      .replace(/([\s'‘])"/gm, "$1“")
      .replace(/(s*)'(s*)/gm, "$1’$2"),

Contributed by Brody Smith