Pig Latin

Translate your text into Pig Latin by adding an ‘ay’ syllable to the end of each word, with special rules for vowels and consonant clusters.

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  make: (text) =>
      .map((word) => {
        if (!/[a-z]/.test(word)) return word

        let [front, back] = /^([aeiou]|[^aeiou]+$)/i.test(word)
          ? [word, "yay"]
          : [word.match(/[aeiouy].*$/i)[0], word.match(/[^aeiouy]+/i)[0] + "ay"]

        if (/[A-Z]/.test(back[0])) {
          back = back[0].toLowerCase() + back.slice(1)
          front = front[0].toUpperCase() + front.slice(1)

        if (back[0] === "y" && front.slice(-1)[0] === "y") {
          back = back.slice(1)

        return front + back